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Kwami Sefa Kayi


Kwami Sefa Kayi is the host of kokrokoo, the most listened to radio show in the country. He is also a TV presenter, actor and philanthropist. From his perch in the Peace FM studios, the consummate media professional plays an outsized role in setting the national agenda, influencing the public discourse and even swaying the winds of opinion. 

 In 1996, he was the first presenter to join Radio Gold, a new radio station that was just being set up. He made such an impact that when Peace FM needed a new host for their flagship Akan morning show, Kwami seemed a natural choice despite being an English language presenter up until that moment. 

 Since then, Kwami Sefa Kayi has become an impossible to ignore fixture in Ghana’s media landscape, with his voice in the homes, offices and cars of millions of Ghanaian both home and abroad every morning. His show is the most coveted spot on radio and serves as the proverbial public square for the Ghanaian political class and commentators. 

 He has in recent times sought to leverage it into social advocacy and philanthropy. With his charity, the Kokrokoo Foundation, Kwami is seeking to make a different kind of impact by distributing incubators to hospitals who need them around the country.

In 2017, the Ghana Journalists Association named Kwami Sefa Kayi its Journalist of the Year, a crowning fit for a much decorated career. It is worthy of note that the GJA itself acknowledged that the honour was accorded him for much more than his work as a media practitioner, an indication that had indeed transcended the craft for which he first became famous.

Journey by Numbers

  • 1970 – Born on 20th June in  Ho – Bankoe in the Volta region.
  • 1993 – First touch with broadcasting.
  • 1996 – First presenter on Radio Gold.
  • 2000Joined Peace FM (Despite Media Group).
  • 2000Started a 7 year run of hosting the Ghana Music Awards.
  • 2008 – Starred in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s ‘Scorned’.
  • 2013-15 – Won the Radio and TV Personality Awards.
  • 2014 – Initiated the charity ‘Project 100 Show’.
  • 2015 – Established the Kokrokoo Foundation.
  • 2019 – Co-hosted the 20th VGMA.

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