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Who’s Who in Ghana is a media brand that profiles and celebrates the people who power society.
It is a brand with strong ambitions. It aims to craft a reputation for providing high-quality media, branding and educational experiences through a wide range of sectors and touchpoint.

We launch the brand with the release of our book – Who’s Who in Ghana. The book offers an engaging and highly visual immersive media experience. It is a comprehensive (600 + profiles) tome, rich with full page images and sharply honed profiles. A must-have for any office or coffee table in Ghana or for anyone with an interest in the country, eager to know who makes it tick.

Our other products and events will follow swiftly.
For those keen to partner with us now, this is an opportunity to make allegiance with a fast-growing Ghanian brand. A brand that celebrates the entrepreneurs, leaders, change makers, game changers and heroes in Ghanian society.

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Our product range spans across print and Digital platforms, enabling us to reach a broad demographic of consumers.

Our customer segments include leaders, aspirational consumers and ambitious millennials. All those individuals that are keen to get to know and understand the people shaping Ghanian society.

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